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Dance First Think Later 

General Practice, Lincoln
8th July - 23rd August 2020

Curated by ​Andrew Bracey, Kate Buckley and Nick Simpson​

Show of the work of 45 artists made during the first 100 days of lockdown, which were discovered through Instagram.

Artists showing:

Chris Bagnall, ​Emma Bennett​, ​David Carruthers​, ​Ruth Chambers​, ​Abi Charlesworth​, ​Fiona Curran​, ​Jacob Dahlgren​, ​Chlo​ë​ Danielle​, ​Graham Dolphin​, ​Tamara Dubnyckyj​, Karolina Dworska,​ Jenny Eden, Tim Ellis​, Sarah Eyre​, ​Mick Finch​, ​Enej Gala​, ​Ryan Gander​, ​Ann Gollifer​, Andrea Gregson​, ​Nick Grindrod​, ​Summer Hales-Wright,​ ​Susie Hamilton​, ​Sarah Louise Hawkins​, Mary Herbert​, ​Mark Houghton​, ​Thomas Hylander,​ ​Marja Koenraad​, ​Peter Liversidge,​ ​Cathy Lomax​, ​Laura Mahony​, ​Nick Maroussas​, ​David Osbaldeston​, ​Sarah Poots​, ​Yelena Popova​, Chantal Powell​, ​Sally Plowman​, ​Narbi Price​, ​Ben Sadler​, ​Rebecca Sitar​, ​Kate Street,​ ​Laila Tara H, Jason Thompson​, ​Covadonga Valdes, Jeremy Webster​, ​Bedwyr Williams

The Art of Isolation

Curated by Rod Kitson

Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, July-August, 2020

A group show of artists' works made in isolation. A salon-style hang, with works close together, when people are not able to be. 


Delighted to have donated postcards to this postcard lottery sale to raise money for Women's Aid, which saw increased demand for its services during the Covid-19 lockdown. 

Postcards were contributed by 25 artists including: 

Desmond Morris, Jay Taylor, Monica Perez,  Rob Hamp, Tom Hix, Anne Guest, Claire Douglass, Roberto Pagliarulo, Su Richardson, Rachel Tighe, Ben Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Ruth Chambers, Tory Hayward, John Newling, Ed Isaacs, Eric Gaskell, Fokawolf, John Newling, Hazel Pitt, Mau Samayoa, Rie Nakajima, Elizabeth Magill, John Stezaker, Stephen J. Morgan and Lisa Ivory.

SWAP Editions No.5: ISLAND

Creekside Projects, Deptford, March 2020

Curated by Robin Tarbet (Swap Art Editions) in collaboration with Skelf virtual project space. 

10 artists selected via open call respond to the question, "Are you an island?" `

Ruth Chambers, Daniel Clark, Philip Crewe, Jake Francis, Ed French, Helen Grove-White, Jack Holme,  Tim Offredi & Mez Kerr Jones, Shir Raz, Sara Trillo

The exhibition was displayed at Creekside Projects in Deptford, with an accompanying virtual exhibition on the Skelf website.

London Art Fair 2020

Cynthia Corbett Gallery

Isabelle van Zeijl / Andy Burgess / Deborah Azzopardi / Matt Smith / Tessa Eastman / Fabiano Parisi / Hanna Järlehed Hyving / Crystal Latimer / Nuala O'Donovan Benjamin M Johnson / Ruth Chambers / Tami Bahat / Anne Gibbs / Eduardo Recife / Keith Maddy / Albert Montserrat / Ru Knox / Alberto Torres Hernandez / Anne Athena / Heidi Bjørgan / Tüema Pattie / Alastair Gordon / Oliver Jones

Deptford Painting Open, December 2019

Perpetual Shift

Curated by Nicholas Dietrich

The Koppel Project, Soho, London, November 2019

The show was inspired by Aldous Huxley's The Doors of Perception, with a theme of shifting or changing appearances with an undercurrent of the psychedelic.

Nicholas Dietrich / Steph Huang / Paul Vivian / Lewis Davidson / Tom Lock / Veronika Neukirch / Xenia Busalova / Karen Tronel / Annabel Tilley / Franz Galo / Ruth Chambers / Diana Palmer / Andrew Hart / Laszlo Von Dohnanyi

Young Masters Prize 2019

I am delighted that four of my drawings were selected for the Young Masters Art Prize 2019. The prize recognises artists whose work responds to the art of the past.

To Download the 2019 catalogue, with all artists' statements, please click here.


Curated by Bruch Ingram, Dulwich, September 2019

Four of my drawings, including a 30-envelope drawing made specially for the show, were displayed at 'Humdrum', a group show curated by Bruce Ingram

‘Humdrum’ brings together a group of artists who address the mundane, overlooked and sometimes boring aspects of daily life. Working between painting, sculpture, film, installation, drawing and collage, invited artists will create a dynamic display of artworks that reflect the often overlooked or disregarded. For these artists the ephemeral and waste products of everyday life become the canvas for the fantastical, the act of boredom and repetition as potential for creative outcomes and everyday journeys providing new narratives. ‘Humdrum’ invites the viewer to look at the everyday world with fresh eyes, prompting us to re-think our relationship to mass-produced objects, technology and familiar places.

Follow @humdrumdc for further information and the inspiration behind the show. article:

Wells Art Contemporary 2019

Delighted that Dear Anni, gel pen, pencil on envelope, has been awarded the Parker Harris Mentoring Prize. The drawing was exhibited in the Wells Art Contemporary in Wells Cathedral, Somerset, 20th July - 11th August 2019. I loved visiting this city and seeing how the work sits within this historic place of worship. The Dean spoke about how the cathedral was the first in England to be fully built in the Gothic style and was radical in its time, making it the perfect backdrop to show contemporary art.

We Can Only Have Fun On Certain Days

Curated by Warbling Collective, 22nd - 30th April 2019

My Drawing Please (pencil, gel pens and conservation tape on envelope fragments) was exhibited in the Warbling Collective's third exhibition.

Stour Space, Roach Road, Hackney Wick

OverDrawn: Dark Yellow Dot Drawing Prize

Deptford, London, March 2019

Curated by London Drawing Group and Lauren Little

I am delighted to have been awarded first prize in the Dark Yellow Dot Drawing Prize 2019. Two of my drawings were selected and displayed in Buster Mantis in Deptford, alongside 9 other artists.

I was interviewed by co-curator of the show, Lauren Little, of the Dark Yellow Dot blog and arts platform. To read the article please click this link.

Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2018

My drawing Correspondence is displayed alongside 69 drawings by 67 artists and makers, selected from 1,711 works from across the UK by Nigel Hall RA, artist; Megan Piper, contemporary art dealer; and Dr Chris Stephens, Director of The Holburne Museum in Bath.